Who of us wants only 35 % fruit in their jam? My passion to see more than this extends to making preserves..

The Hedgerow Preserving Company was established in October 2011.I have been making preserves for presents and for my family for many years. I see there is a market for high quality and unusual handmade pre-serves. The medieval fruit , “the Medlar” symbolises my inspiration. Seeing some of the rare fruit we get in our hedgerows sparked a passion of mine, fruit that in our supermarket age sits on the tree to rot, like in so many of our gardens. At a local school around 95% of the children have fruit in their gardens and only 5% ate it. I also met a local supermarket manager who said despite having an apple tree in his garden, he always bought from his store. So I collect the fruit people allow me to pick from the hedgerow for you to enjoy this natural bounty. Where this is not possible I try to source local produce we also grow some in our allotment. Our vinegars are from the UK, Balsamic from Italy. All our jams jellies, marmalades and chutneys are handmade in small batches, as much as I can fit into a preserving pan. I use tradition preserving techniques to make my products, slowly, trying not to use pectin other than that found in the fruit itself.

I regularly get asked if it’s all handmade.

Do you really need to ask?

  • Both fruit and herb jellies made in the traditional open pan and straining way! Although you will find all the jellies contain sugar. Some work well with meats and cheese others are good with ice cream.

    Medlar Jelly
    Medlar is one of those old rare fruits, many people have them and will not let them go. They just rot on the tree! This jelly has a pungency in the depth of flavour which is good with roast meats.
    Medlar and Lemon
    Combine the citrus with the medlar and the flavours are intense.
    Quince Jelly
    The classic of those fruit jellies. The perfume of the quince shines through, enjoy this with meats and cheese. Look out for Quince and coriander.
    Hedgerow Jelly
    A combination of sloes, rowans, crab apples, damsons and blackberries, elderberries too. Enjoy with cold meats and cheese.
    Spiced Elderberry
    If I’m allowed to have favourite this would be well up there at the top. It beats off all the others in the roast meat stakes, even beat cranberry sauce with turkey last year.
    Crab apple
    Another classic and a good accomplement to those roast meats and cheeses. Look out for other variations of this Crab apple and Calvados or Crab apple and rosemary.

  • The over bearing taste of vinegar, the addition of E numbers? not

    Caramelised Carrot
    I’m open minded, but when a friend said this was good I wasn’t so sure. A sweet tasting chutney, perfect for that cheese sandwich. A blend carrots apples onions and brown sugar along with coriander ginger and mixed spice.
    Beetroot and Horseradish
    All I can remember is that over whelming taste of vinegar when my Father pickled home-grown beetroot, now I subtly blend it with tomatoes and horseradish to create this sweet but pungent aroma.
    Good with Brie (Marrow Chutney)
    I used to think that Marrow wasn’t worth the hassle, but bring this subtle blend of tomatoes, apples and onions, makes this balanced delicate chutney. The flavour is brought out with a good flavoured Brie hence good with Brie.
    Good with ham (Plum Chutney)
    Plums apples and pears along with shallots brings this rich classic well balanced chutney which is just simply “Good with Ham.” also good with cheese!
    Hearty Ale
    A blend of root veg and fruit along with a gluten free Ale brings this chutney for a lovely mature cheddar.
    Spiced Medlar
    Full of flavour and spice, makes this chutney stand out. It is full of eastern tang, Fenugreek and mustard seeds, along with cumin. The Medlar is one of the old fruits which is rarely available, It’s texture is like a old French pear.
    Medlar and Fig The sweetness of the fresh Fig’s along with the Medlars and the sharpness of the Balsamic .
    Red Onion Marmalade
    Fantastic accompliment to any barbeque, This sticky relish with caramelised onions, red wine and port is very tasty.
    Mango Chutney
    Sweet and delicious perfect for curries or even ham and cheese. Try this with any savoury dish you will not be disappointed. But please don’t get mixed up with our Hot Mango Chutney.. The same but with chillies.
    This is the best piccalilli recipe I have found. Nearly all the others tell you to par-boil you veg, which is lunacy - the veg is perfectly tender yet beautifully crisp done this way. Some people can’t wait for this one to mature.
    Spiced Damson
    This is a favourite, there are some chutneys but this one is the best of all. Don’t limit this to cheese and crackers, but bacon and eggs, or even sausage and mash.. By spiced we don’t mean blow your head off but full of flavour..
    Pumpkin and Quince
    This seasonal but very flavoursome chutney, the perfume of the quince shines through. The thought of carving a face in a pumpkin again and not using the flesh!
    Chilli Jam
    It’s not a jam but this one you could still spread on your toast. We have lost the vinegar and added apple juice and lemon puree to this blend of Chilli and Capsicum.
    Curried Banana
    It’s growing on me, I find many people say I don’t like bananas, I’ve only found a couple out of those who don’t like this. It’s a good compliment to a korma.

  • Orange
    Made with Seville oranges, water and sugar. The old fashioned way of hand cut shreds. I can do thick, medium or thin cut.
    Shredless Orange
    Made with Seville oranges, water and sugar, but No bits, (honest)
    Lemon and Lime
    The fresh tangy taste of this goes so well on toast for breakfast
    Three Fruit Marmalade
    An equal mix of Oranges, Grapefruit and Lemons.

    We also have other marmalades such as Orange and Whisky, Orange and Ginger, Christmas and Five Fruits.

  • We use mainly use seasonal local ingredients, often picking our own, supporting local farmers, so that the buy local ethos is supported. Where possible the handpicked fruit is picked and cooked on the same day to ensure as fresh as possible. We also gather from the hedgerow in the time honored way..

    Strawberry Jam
    Hand picked from the field and straight into the pan. Made with at least 50% fruit and some-times more. A hint of Vanilla for a rounded flavour.
    Raspberry Jam
    A wonderful fresh flavour, really bright colour again hand picked and in the pan within the day for that fresh flavour. At least 50% fruit.
    Damson Jam
    My favourite and the rest of the family. Its tartness is something special and missed in the commercial process.
    Plum Jam
    Nothing but plums, sugar and a little water brings the full fruity flavour.
    Rhubarb and Ginger
    This delicious jam is a perfect late winter pick-me-up combining seasonal rhubarb with health-boosting ginger.
    Fresh Apricots, water sugar and a hint of vanilla for that extra special flavour.

  • Pickled onions:
    Hand prepared, sprinkled with salt and left overnight before being packed into a spiced vinegar. They are crunchy and crisp all the way to the bottom of the jar.
    Pickled Red Cabbage
    Like the pickled onions, salted overnight to retain its crunchiness, hopefully not like the lifeless commercial one.
    Bread and Butter Pickle
    But this doesn’t contain Bread or Butter. Onions and Cucumbers Pickled in a sweet spiced vinegar. Nostalgia from days when I visited my Nan.
    Pickled Beetroot
    Straight forward, oven roasted and pickled in vinegar and spices.

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